Sunday Mornings- 9:30 am

Psalm 119 | Led by: Mr. Wendell Holland | Room 115

Each week we will take an in-depth look at approx. 15-20 verses and spend time learning the things God wants us to glean from them. The psalm's main themes are how to stay on the path God has determined for us, how to live a holy life following scriptures, and hoe God brings us back to where we need to be when we stray from the path He has determined for us. 

Parables of Jesus: Revealing What was Hidden |  Led by: Rev. Dr. Jeffery Kloha | Luther Commons 

For The Life of The World |  Led by: Mark and Stacy Yates, Kerri and Evan Mathew, Nate and Meg Raddatz | Room 106


Wednesday Nights

Adult Bible Study| Room 106 | 6:00-7:00pm 

Midweek Worship: Join us for worship at 7:15 -8:00 pm after our education classes. This service provides an opportunity for a refresh in the middle of the week and to praise Jesus with other believers. This intimate service is not as formal as our Sunday services and communion is served each week.