Sunday Mornings- 9:30 am

The Book of Joshua:  Join Mr. Wendell Holland for a study of the Old Testament Book of Joshua. The study begins on August 27, 2017, consists of 12 studies and is during the 9:30 Sunday School hour.

In this study we will see that God is the ultimate promise-keeper. As faithful and present as He was with Israel, so He is with us. The book of Joshua is the story of God making good on His promises. It tells how Israel entered the land God had promised them. In fact, God's faithfulness is so complete that at the end of the book of Joshua we hear a proclamation: "You know with all your heart and soul that not one of all the good promises the Lord your God gave you has failed. Every promise has been fulfilled; not one has failed" Joshua 23:14

So, can we count on God to keep his promises? The answer from Joshua is an emphatic YES! God is completely dependable, and we can trust him wholly. Joshua is a book for those whose prayers seem to go unanswered, for those who wonder if God is really alive and active, and for those who want reassurance of God's dependability.

Each study will focus on God's faithfulness and what we can learn from Israel's lessons as they enter and conquer the Promised Land. The Book of Joshua records events during a 24 year time span in about 1400 B.C. This time period would have been about 700 years after Abraham, about 400 years before David was King, and approximately 1400 years before the birth of Jesus.

A Man Named Martin Bible Study: This Sunday morning class is led by Pastor Henke, Pastor Meyer, and Vicar Lahue.  This study begins August 27, 2017 and meets in the Fellowship Hall.

The life of Martin Luther is one of resolute conviction and steadfast faith. His contributions to the reform of the medieval Church are unparalleled. He courageously stood against unbiblical teaching and sounded the clarion call of salvation by grace through faith. With iron-willed resolve, he refused to back down in the face of public abuse and threats on his life. This documentary examines the life and teaching of this great reformer. The program gives important historical background and explains the key doctrines expounded by Luther. With tenacity and bravery, Martin Luther inspired a Reformation that reverberates throughout the centuries.

This Bible study will discuss Martin Luther The Man, The Moment, and The Movement.


Wednesday Nights- 6:00 pm

Adult Bible Study:  The topic for our Wednesday night Bible study is still to be determined. The group will meet in Room 18. 

Midweek Worship: Join us for worship at 7:15 -8:00 pm after our education classes. This service provides an opportunity for a refresh in the middle of the week and to praise Jesus with other believers. This intimate service is not as formal as our Sunday services and communion is served each week.

The Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal is served in the Fellowship hall each Wednesday starting at 5:00 pm.