Sunday Mornings- 9:30 am

The Book of Jeremiah:  Join Mr. Wendell Holland this summer for a study of the Book of Jeremiah. The study is in room 115 during the 9:30 Sunday School hour.

Jeremiah, known as the weeping prophet, began his ministry about 620 years before the birth of Christ. The Northern Kingdom of Israel had already been in exile in Assyria for about 100 years when Jeremiah began his ministry in Judah. Jeremiah was the last prophet God sent to the southern Kingdom of Judah before Babylon would also take them into exile. It was Judah’s last chance to turn things around, and both Jeremiah and God knew that they wouldn’t, yet they were still given a chance anyway. God called Jeremiah to a hard, painful and lonesome ministry. But with the great burden He placed on Jeremiah, He also gave him a great gift; the gift of God himself! When you study Jeremiah you get a glimpse of what it can be like for God and a human to have a close relationship. You will see a message of love that grows from a relationship of love - a hard love, a demanding love, but love nevertheless. What you will also discover is how you can grow in your own personal relationship to God. Hopefully, you can be stronger and more deeply open to the love of God than you were before.

Shining Onward- Exploring what outreach is: Where & How to do it: This Sunday morning class is led by  Vicar Lahue.  This study meets in tLuther Commons.


Wednesday Nights- 6:00 pm

*Our Wednesday night Bible study classes do not meet in the summer. 

Midweek Worship: Join us for worship at 7:15 -8:00 pm after our education classes. This service provides an opportunity for a refresh in the middle of the week and to praise Jesus with other believers. This intimate service is not as formal as our Sunday services and communion is served each week.