Transitions are Tough…but so is God

looking out windowTransitions are tough. Everyone experiences them, and transitions don't only happen at life milestones either. Transitions can occur fairly often. Transition, a fancy word for change, occurs whenever life progresses. When life moves forward and we somehow don’t quite keep up. That’s when we especially notice the tough transitions.

For example, you transition from sleeping to working when you wake up and start your morning routine. Also, you might find it difficult to transition back to work after a nice weekend or returning from vacation. You transition from being the parent of a 1st grader to the parent of a 2nd grader. You could find it tough to transition into the new school year altogether.

Many transitions, especially the major ones, can be tough to go through emotionally, physically, spiritually. It can feel emotionally straining when you transition from having someone around all the time, to not seeing them very often anymore. An tougher experience occurs when a loved one dies, and they are no longer physically with you. Transitions like these can be tough to go through; those moments when life moves forward and you still need time to catch up.

Lots of transitions require time to adjust: Becoming a parent, getting married, dealing with a new health issue, moving into a new place, settling into a new job, taking on more work at your new job, figuring out how to tweak your budget, starting a workout routine, going to college, visiting a new place, and the list continues. By now, you can fit your personal transitions into this long list. Once you start thinking about all the transitions in your life, you start to remember how tough some of those experiences were and how tough it is to go through them.

Even if the transition only takes you a day or two to accept and adjust to, that can make for a difficult couple of days. My guess is that many of the transitions we experience weigh on us because of the difficulty we have in adjusting to life change. I don’t know too many people who deal with all kinds changes and transitions without experiencing some form of emotional or physical drainage. The point is, transitions are tough. Transitions are tough, even when you don’t tell anyone else about what you’re going through.

The good news is that God is tough too. Meaning, God never changes. Even when the world around us is changing so rapidly or our lives seem to keep changing too fast for our preferred pace, God stays the same. God still loves you the same amount. He still forgives you just as He promised. God still dwells with you during the crazy transitions in life. Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” 

Yes, transitions are still tough and sometimes even tougher for a Christian. However, God stays the same. Same God, same love, same forgiveness, same Christ. We have a Savior who is so tough, He died and rose again so that we could transition from death to life with Him. One day the only transitions we’ll experience will be the good ones, because of Jesus.

Written By: Vicar Alex Lahue