schedule Have you ever driven to work or school or some other frequented location so often that you find yourself going there out of habit when you weren’t supposed to or didn’t have to? I definitely have! It’s a habit, something we have done so often that it becomes natural to the point of not really thinking about it. Truth is, our lives are full of routines, habits, structures, and timelines that we can sometimes catch ourselves performing without even thinking about.

For many people, their daily routine changed about a month ago when school started back up. Many people had to adjust their routines to include – waking up and going to bed earlier, doing homework, dropping kids off at sports practices or various rehearsals, and getting ready with only one bathroom. Even if you didn’t experience this routine shift, you’ve had moments in your life where your routine was interrupted or had to change for other reasons – a job, death of a family member, moving homes, or something completely different. While our daily routines may change, there are a few values that continue to drive how we spend our time. For many people, these values include work/school, extra curriculars, family and friends.

Those are all good values, but where does faith fit? Many Christians would agree faith should be one of the biggest components of a believer’s life, yet God often takes a backseat in people’s daily routines. If we have an empty jar that represents the amount of time we have in a day, we can begin to see how the jar fills up. We add a few rocks for school or work, family, friends, exercising, and other values we have. We add some marbles that represent sleeping, eating, and other necessary routines of survival that consume time. Then we add a bunch of sand for the other small things we do like checking our phones, Facebook, or watching the news. Our jar is full but the biggest rock – God – has been isolated and no longer has room. What is supposed to be one of our largest values has no space in our daily routine.

If we do that same “experiment” again however, and place our largest rock in first – God, we find that we have room for everything else still! The smaller rocks fall next larger rock, the marbles follow, and the sand fills in the gaps. (Looks better in person than as a visual image.) Regardless, the Bible tells us,

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33 ESV). 

When we seek God first, He provides us everything we need. Our daily routine falls in to place, and usually we are more peaceful as well. Having God as a part of our daily routine also creates habits that will help hold us accountable to seeking Him first. Just like habits have caused me to drive to the wrong location, this habit can cause us to naturally go to God for help instead of other sources.

I challenge you to look at your daily routines and habits. Do they reflect the values that you want to have? Do they put God first? Or do you find yourself trying to make room for God in the nooks and crannies to discover He doesn’t fit the same way you would like? Habits are hard to break, and it takes time, but the first step is prayer. Through that, God can guide you in ways to put Him first and necessary routine changes you may have.

Written By: Lindsey Duerr, DCE