2018 Summer Sunday School Class
Led By: Vicar Alex Lahue 


Have you ever heard the word “outreach” and thought, “That’s not really my thing.”? Ever thought, “I’m not very good at outreach.”? Or maybe you’ve even wondered, “What defines outreach?” You are not alone! Nearly all Christians wrestle with the desire to do outreach more often verses the fears, discomfort, or confusion that seems to accompany their efforts. Join us as we discover together how every person can do outreach in every area of life and how God gives us the power to do it well. Shining Onward will explore the biblical foundation for doing outreach frequently and how to incorporate outreach into one’s everyday rhythms of life. 


May 27- Session 1: What is Outreach?
June 3- Session 2: The Community
June 10- Session 3: The Workplace
June 17- Session 4: The Church
June 24 - Session 5: Friends & Family

Each week we’ll summarize the session with 3 big takeaways.
If you missed a session or want a refresher, download the Big 3 for that week.

SESSION 1           SESSION 2          SESSION 3         SESSION 4          SESSION 5


Each week participants are encouraged to share the love of Christ in tangible ways by completing various challenges. This helps us apply what we believe and learn to our everyday lives.

SESSION 1        SESSION 2          SESSION 3         SESSION 4          SESSION 5