The HTLC Scholarship Program awards scholarships to students enrolled in a LCMS college or university, pursuing a career in the ministry or another church related career. Potential scholarship awards are available up to $2500.00 per semester. Scholarship applicants must reapply each semester and will be subject to satisfactory academic progress. Applicants must meet the Eligibility Requirements.

The basis used to award these scholarships is: scholastic ability, potential, professional interest and character.

Eligible students must:

Submit a letter requesting consideration for the scholarship and a completed application by December 31st for the spring semester respectively.

  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent, submit a copy of their transcripts.
  • Be a member of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
  • Or be the son or daughter of a current member in good standing
  • Be enrolled in a LCMS theological college or university*.
  • Be enrolled for the ministry or other church related curriculum*.
  • Submit a typed essay indicating how this scholarship would benefit you and in turn how you will contribute your time and expertise serving the church during your career.

*Exceptions: Students applying for scholarships who cannot comply with #5 above because classes required under the degree program are not offered at the LCMS college/university will be considered for the scholarship provided:

  • Items for student eligibility 1 thru 4 and 6 and 7 are met.
  • The required classes not offered by the students' primary university/college, but are offered at another accredited collage/university.
  • Applicant must maintain good academic standing according to the university/collage standards.
  • The request must be approved by a majority vote by the Leadership Board. 

AWARD NOTIFICATION: An award notification letter will be sent to the Successful applicant(s) with the amount of the scholarship.