Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Please do not drop your child off any earlier than 8:55; our teacher’s need that time to prepare for their day.

Tuition is based on a 9 month schedule. The monthly fee is required even for those months when school is dismissed due to holidays, snow days, etc. There is no price reduction for days absent from school either for illness, family vacation, or inclement weather conditions.

For detailed tuition information and enrollment form click here. 
*Payments are due by the first attendance day each month. 
A $10.00 late fee will be charged, per child, if you miss this date.
We cannot reimburse you if your child is absent for any reason.

General information: 

  • Bring a sack lunch, drink, and cup.
  • LABEL ALL your child’s belongings.
  • Bring a pillow and blanket.
  • Bring copy of your child’s immunization records for our files.
  • Keep your child home if they have a fever or are not feeling well. We are not allowed to dispense medicine.
  • Please call 844-4000 if your child will be absent. We care about your children.
  • Pick up time is 2:00pm. A late fee will be charged and enforced:
    At 2:05pm, if you have not picked-up your child a $20.00 late fee will be charged. After 2:25pm, you will be charged an additional $1.00 per minute that you are late.

Please call the church office 844-4000 to let us know if you will be late- your child becomes anxious if he or she is the last to be picked up. If some one other than you is picking up your child, please note it on the sign in sheet. Also TELL the teacher AND your child that someone else will be picking up your child.