Fellowship Ministries

As a congregation, Holy Trinity believes fellowship is a way of building up one another in the Body of Christ as we live life together—through acts of service, meals, conversations, and prayer with fellow Christians. This relational ministry with one another is an important element to help us continue growing in our walk with Christ. (Philippians 2:1-18; Acts 2:42-47)

ANNUAL CONFIRMATION BANQUET: This event is held the Saturday evening before 8th Grade Confirmation (in June) to honor the youth who will be publicly confirming their faith in Jesus as Lord. Volunteers are needed to plan and/or assist with the dinner preparation/catering, set-up, serving and/or clean-up.

CARD MINISTRY: Meet at the church on the first Wednesday of the month to address birthday, anniversary, and sympathy cards to members.

COLLEGE OUTREACH: In an effort to better connect with members in college, away from home, volunteers send messages of encouragement to students throughout the year, reminding them that we care and their Savior is with them always. Future opportunities also exist to connect with local college students away from their own church homes.

NEW MEMBER WELCOME: Help plan and/or assist in organizing welcome events for new members who have completed the Pastors’ new member class. These events encourage new members to connect, and invites them to engage in various ministries and programs on campus and in the community.

OKTOBERFEST: Plan and/or assist in organizing activities, arrange for food, set-up and/or clean-up for this annual event on the last Friday in September.

SENIOR MINISTRY: This ministry involves not only ministering to seniors, but also ministry by seniors. As we are in the early stages of developing this Senior Ministry, we need help shaping this program and planning for its much needed future.

STAFF WELCOME/FAREWELL: Help organize events for new and/or retiring/departing staff members. This would include menu, arrange for food preparation or catering, set-up, decorations, serving and/or clean-up.

ANNUAL THANKSGIVING MEAL: Plan and/or assist with the menu, arrange for food preparation, set-up, decorating, serving and/or clean-up for the dinner.

VOTERS' ASSEMBLY MEALS: Plan and/or assist with coordinating the menu and food, set-up and/or clean-up prior to our regularly scheduled Voters’ Assembly meetings in May and November.

If you would like to get involved in any of these ministries please contact our Ministry Coordinator, Kerri Mathew via email at kmathew@htlcok.org or call the church office (405-348-3292).