Connect:500 is Holy Trinity’s vision for the next 10 months with the overarching principle of actively working to make 500 new disciples by October 31, 2017. To learn more about Connect:500 watch the video below. We also invite you to use some of the resources provide to help you start something new and take ACTION in 2017! 

With the help of God and through grace alone, faith alone, and scripture alone we have made tremendous strides in our ministry throughout our 30 year history. As Lutheran’s we have also inherited a history that reaches back hundreds of years. Next year Lutherans worldwide will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, when the Gospel took off and impacted the world in powerful ways.

As we celebrate our history it is important we look forward and see where God is taking us. Our vision for the next 22 months is an extension of our 2015 vision (Connect: Developing a well-connected church, poised to impact the world in Jesus’ name.) with the overarching principle of actively working to make 500 new disciples by October 31, 2017.


With the help of God and through these four components we, at Holy Trinity, pray we will achieve our vision- Connect:500

  • Develop a better-connected body of believers actively engaged in ministry and service together.
  • Have a congregation whose members focus on God’s Word, growing in grace and knowledge of Christ.
  • By the Spirit’s enabling, actively working to make 500 new disciples.
  • Become a well-known entity in the community.

By aligning this vision with our mission, which was set before us by God (Matthew 28:19-20a), we pray that Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and School will:

  • Have a group of believers who actively worship and serve together in way that bring them closer to God and have a deeper culture of generosity.
  • Increase the number of believers who worship at Holy Trinity and attend the school. Not for the sake of being larger, but to broaden our impact, our outreach, the breadth and depth of our ministry, in order to lead a growing number of people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus

Use the resources below and take ACTION!  Go and take ACTION in helping make 500 new disciples. Also, pray that God will work through you to help connect with others and make new disciples.

[ Connect:500 Resources ]

Downloadable invite card 
Download and print this handy invite card to encourage others to join you at church on Sunday’s to hear about our Savior.

Invite Card

Download the Lutheran Hour Ministry App to help you be in the Word daily
We invite you to download the LHM DAILY DEVOTIONS MOBILE APP to help you stay in the Word daily. 

You can find this App as well as other useful LHM apps by clicking here. 

Complete the Action Survey
The goal of the survey is to aid our leadership and ministry staff in helping you connect with specific ministries in our church. Please prayerfully consider what ministries at HTLC you would like to be involved in.

Click here to begin the short Action Survey. 

Get involved in our community
We invite you to join us in the launch of our our Food Cart ministry. Click here to download the City Rescue outreach cards.