Christmas Cantata | December 20, 2015

An Advent ~ Christmas Message in Word and in Song retelling God's salvation story.

A poetic narration composed by Pastor Barrie Henke

On the Fourth Sunday in Advent, we emphasize the PRAISE expressed by the angels as they proclaimed the news of Jesus’ birth to the shepherds. Martin Luther once wrote that the angelic joy and praise was so great that it ripped open the seam of heaven for a moment! On December 20 we took the opportunity to lift our joy-filled songs heavenward with voices and instruments as our various choirs presented our annual Christmas Cantata. The Order of Worship was quite different from normal with the regular sermon being replaced by a poetic narrative retelling God’s salvation story. May the Holy Spirit uplift you in and through this Choral Festival by graciously coming into your heart… and letting Christ dwell therein!