Big Buts

butAs the end of the school year approaches it seems everyone’s schedule is so full that there is no time to squeeze in anything extra. For that reason, I wanted to write a very lighthearted devotion that will hopefully lift your spirits while still providing some encouragement. The idea is based off this video, which is pretty good if you can spare three minutes. (

To borrow his joke, we all have big buts. Now before you judge my spelling, or become insulted, follow me for a minute. We all have these barriers (buts if you will) keeping us away from God. I know what my big ones are…. “But I’m too tired,” “But someone else will do it,” “But I’d rather do XYZ (Okay, A-W as well).” You get the point and the video offers a larger array of options if you would like to hear other common “but problems”.

There are so many things that get in the way of us getting into God’s Word and building a relationship with Him. On top of that, they are getting in the way of the opportunities God has placed in our life to serve and love others. As any good self-help program would say, the first step to overcoming our but problem, is to admit we have a problem. I can admit I have a but problem. Can you? Once we have admitted it, we can enlist the help of God obviously, but also other Christians around us who can help hold us accountable to specific goals. Perhaps that is reading your Bible every day, praying before bed, joining a small group, serving in the church, the options are endless.

It can be hard to overcome our buts. While we should try to keep God first in our life, the truth remains that we are sinners. Fortunately for us, God has an even bigger but. His but is that Jesus is the mediation that allows us to have a relationship with God in the first place. God’s but will always trump ours and his but is that He sent His son to save us from our sins. Because of that… He forgets not just our buts… our excuses, but also our sins.

Thank God that His but is bigger than ours.

Written By: Lindsey Duerr, DCE