Holy Trinity Lutheran School was established and is operated by Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Edmond, Oklahoma. The parochial school and early childhood center exist to serve not only the children of the congregation but also as a mission arm of the church and a witness to the community. All policies, decisions and activities of the parochial school and early childhood center are in harmony with Scripture, the Lutheran Confessions, and the constitution of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. For this reason, a mission and philosophy statement has been developed to serve as the paradigm for those who set policy, administrate the programs, and serve as teachers and workers in the parochial school and early childhood center."

Motto: “In His Word – Walking His Way”

Mission: Building a foundation of character and a love of learning through daily Christian fellowship in a nurturing environment that promotes academic excellence by following: The mission of Christ’s Church as given in Matthew 28:18-20, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age."

Purpose:  As a Lutheran church and school, we believe we must be Christ-centered in all that we teach and model, demonstrating faith which results in integrity, love, moral values, commitment, cooperation, citizenship, and responsibility. We believe in the integration of these faith qualities in a life ethic, which emphasizes learning and teaching excellence, dedication, and responsibility with a strong confessional Lutheran foundation. We believe this will result in strengthened faith and joy for living as Christ’s disciples.

Holy Trinity Lutheran School exists to provide a program of education, care, and development in harmony with God’s will as revealed in the Bible. All of life, including knowledge and service, finds its source, meaning, and purpose in the Lord Jesus Christ. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church operates its school and early childhood center as a part of God’s mission to all people, and makes this route available to those families of the congregation and the community desiring this kind of Christian education program. Even though the school and early childhood center are important in the training of children, the other programs of the church, such as Sunday school, weekly worship services, and our youth programs are integral parts of the spiritual training of the total child. All parents and students of HTLS are encouraged to participate regularly in these programs.

Our aim and purpose is to provide a total educational program in a definite caring Christian atmosphere. Not only are there daily religious studies, in which the crucified and risen Christ is exalted, but the secular subjects are also taught in the light of Christ and Scripture. It is our purpose not only to assist parents in educating their children to become good citizens of this country but also to help them to become a remain citizens of the kingdom of heaven. This is done by the daily use of God’s Word, prayer, and Christian example through the power and working of the Holy Spirit. We also wish to assist parents by providing a loving, caring atmosphere in the Early Childcare Center, where children learn to share, to care, and to love one another.