We know it is a big step heading into kindergarten! With small class sizes our teachers are able to spend time with each of these little ones and prepare them for the transition.

Below is a quick look into our Pre-Kindergarten (4 year old) curriculum. For a deeper look please contact the school office.


  • Students will begin to understand the structural format of the Bible.
  • Through daily Bible readings students will begin to identify, recall, and retell stories of the Bible and Bible characters.
  • As we learn about the Bible and the life of Christ, students will start to understand that through Jesus we are forgiven and through Him is the only way to salvation.
  • With prayer incorporated in our everyday learning students will learn how to prayStudents will understand the structural format of the Bible.
  • Students will identify, recall and retell stories of the Bible and Bible Characters.
  • Students will comprehend why Christians worship – worship practices and styles.

Language Arts

  • Students will listen for information and for pleasure.
  • Students will express ideas or opinions in group or individual settings.
  • Students will understand the characteristics of written language.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds in spoken words.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to work with rhymes, words, and syllables.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to apply sound-symbol relationships.
  • Students will develop and expand knowledge of words and word meanings to increase vocabulary.
  • Students will associate meaning and understanding with reading.
  • Students will use the writing process to express thoughts and feelings.


  • Students will sort and classify objects and analyze simple patterns.
  • Students will use number concepts and operations along with connecting numerals with their quantities.
  • Students will identify common geometric shapes and explore the relationship of objects in the environment.
  • Students will explore the concepts of nonstandard and standard measurement.
  • Students will collect and analyze data in a group setting.


  • The student will investigate and experiment with objects to discover information.
  • The student will investigate and describe objects that can be sorted in terms of physical properties.
  • The student will observe and investigate plants, animals and the basic concepts of the Earth.

Social Studies

  • Students will learn to exhibit traits of good citizenship and explore various careers.
  • The student will demonstrate knowledge of basic geographic concepts.
  • The student will discuss how children in various communities and cultures are alike and different.

Additional areas of educational, physical, and personal growth.

  • Music
  • Physical Development (PE)
  • Visual Art
  • Spanish
  • Technology
  • Social/Personal Skills
  • Cognitive skills